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Societes Humaines et changement climatique a la fin du troisieme millenaire: une crise a-t-elle eu lieu en Haute Mesopotamie ? Actes du Colloque de lyon, 5-8 decembre 2005

by: Kuzucuoglu, C. Marro, C.

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Category: Varia Anatolica Series
Code: 24609
ISBN-13: 9782906053946 / 978-2-906053-94-6
ISBN-10: 2906053945 / 2-906053-94-5
Publisher: Institut Francais d'Etudes Anatoliennes
Publication Date: 2007
Publication Place: Istanbul
Binding: Paper
Pages: 590
Book Condition: New
Comments: Varia Anatolica XIX

Varia Anatolica XIX

Actes du Colloque de Lyon, 5-8 decembre 2005

596 pp, b/w figures, pb, in French.


Marro, Catherine / Upper Mesopotamia and the Late Third Millennium Crisis Hypothesis: State of the Art and Issues at Stake.
Kuzucuoğlu, Catherine / Integrating Environmental Matters in Cultural Trends.
Section 1: Etudes Archeologioues Et Historioues
Perspectives theoriques et comparatives

Meijer, Diedrick / Crisis = Collapse? Collapse of What?
Schwartz, Glenn M. / Taking the Long View on Collapse: A Syrian Perspective.
Porter, Anne / You say Potato, I say.. .Typology, Chronology and the Origins of the Amorites.
Finkbeiner, Uwe / Towards a Better Understanding of the Ceramic Traditions in the Middle Euphrates Region
A. Tuba Ökse / Continuity and Change in Mortuary Practices of the Early and Middle Bronze Ages in the Middle Euphrates Region.
Donnees nouvelles de Syrie centrale et occidentale

Castel, Corinne / L'abandon d'Al-Rawda (Syrie) â la fin du Troisieme Millenaire : premieres tentatives d'explication
Glenn M. - Naomi F. Miller / The "Crisis" of the Late Third Millennium B.C: Ecofactual and Artifactual Evidence from Umm el-Marra and the Jabbul Plain
Mazzoni, Stefania - Candida Felli / Bridging the Third / Second Millennium Divide: the Ebla and Afis Evidence.
Donnees nouvelles du Moyen-Euphrate syrien

Butterlin, Pascal / Mari, les Sakkanakkû et la crise de la fin du Troisieme Millenaire
Peltenburg, Edgar / Diverse Settlement Pattern Changes in the Middle Euphrates Valley in the Later Third Millennium B.C: The Contribution of Jerablus Tahtani
Paola Sconzo / Collapse or Continuity? The case of the EB-MB Transition at Teli Shiyukh Tahtani
Carmen Valdes Pereiro / Settlement Change at the End of the Early Bronze - Beginning of Middle Bronze Period at Tell Qara Quzaq
Donnees nouvelles du Moyen-Euphrate turc

Kepinski, Christine / Continuity and Break at the End of the Third Millennium B.C: The Data from Tilbeşar, Sajur Valley (Southeastern Turkey)
Sertok, Kemal / Fikri Kulakoğlu and Filomena Squadrone Living Along and Together with the Euphrates. The Effects of the Euphrates on a Long-life Settlement such as Şaraga Höyük.
Balossi, Francesca - Gian-Maria di Nocera - Marcella Frangipane / The Contribution of a Small Site to the Study of Settlement Changes on the Turkish Middle Euphrates between the Third and Second Millennium B.C: Preliminary Stratigraphic Data from Zeytinli Bahçe Höyük (Urfa).
Marro, Catherine / Continuity and Change in the Birecik Valley at the End of the Third Millennium: The Archaeological Evidence from Horum Höyük.
Abay, Eşref / Southeastern Anatolia after the Early Bronze Age: Collapse or Continuity? A Case Study from the Karababa Dam Area.
Donnees epigraphiques

Sallaberger, Walther / From Urban Culture to Nomadism: A History of Upper Mesopotamia in the Late Third Millennium.
Section 2 : Etudes Paleoenvironmentales

Kuzucuoğlu, Catherine / Climatic and Environmental Trends during the Third Millennium B.C. in Upper Mesopotamia
Kathleen Deckers - Simone Riehl / An Evaluation of Botanical Assemblages from the Third to Second Millennium B.C. in Northern Syria
McCorriston, Joy / Cultural and Environmental History in Archaeological Charred Woods from the Khabur Drainage, Upper Mesopotamia
Riehl, Simone - Reid Bryson / Variability in Human Adaptation to Changing Environmental Conditions in Upper Mesopotamia during the Early and the Middle Bronze Age.
Herveux, Linda / La crise de 2100 av. J.-C. a-t-elle eu lieu ? Indices archeobotaniques au Levant nord.
Hugues Peşsin / Analyses anthracologiques de deux sites du Moyen-Euphrate : Tilbeşar et Horum Höyük. Contribution â la problematique paleoclimatique de l'Holocene moyen
Collective Article / Characteristics and Changes in Archaeology-related Environmental Data During the Third Millennium B.C. in Upper Mesopotamia. Collective Comments to the Data Discussed During the Symposium.

Marroi Catherine - Catherine Kuzucuoğlu / Northern Syria and Upper Mesopotamia at the End of the Third Millennium B .C : Did a Crisis Take Place ?

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Societes Humaines et changement climatique a la fin du troisieme millenaire: une crise a-t-elle eu lieu en Haute Mesopotamie ? Actes du Colloque de lyon, 5-8 decembre 2005

by: Kuzucuoglu, C. Marro, C.

  • ISBN-13: 9782906053946 / 978-2-906053-94-6
  • ISBN-03: 2906053945 / 2-906053-94-5
  • Institut Francais d'Etudes Anatoliennes, Istanbul, 2007

Price: 95,00 EURO

(in stock)