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Ancient Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Volume 1: Handbook of Greek Sculpture

by: Palagia, O.

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ISBN-13: 9781614515401 / 978-1-61451-540-1
ISBN-10: 1614515409 / 1-61451-540-9
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date: 2019
Publication Place: Berlin
Binding: Cloth
Book Condition: New

Pages I-IV

Pages V-VI

Pages VII-X

1. Introduction
Palagia, Olga

Pages 1-4

Part I: Literary and Epigraphical Testimonia
2. Greek Sculpture in the Roman Empire: The Literary Sources
Plantzos, Dimitris

Pages 7-21

3. Sculptors? Signatures
Johnston, Alan / Palagia, Olga

Pages 22-49

4. Patronage, Compensation, and the Social Status of Sculptors
Stewart, Andrew

Pages 50-88

Part II: Function
5. Architectural Sculpture
Schultz, Peter

Pages 91-122

6. Funerary Sculpture: Women on Attic Grave Reliefs
Margariti, Katia

Pages 123-160

Part III: Portraiture
7. Honorific Portraiture
Dillon, Sheila

Pages 163-193

8. The Portraits of the Ptolemies
Queyrel, François

Pages 194-224

9. The Portraits of Herodes Atticus and His Circle
Rupprecht Goette, Hans

Pages 225-258

Part IV: Styles
10. The Archaic Style in Greek Sculpture
Sturgeon, Mary C.

Pages 261-295

11. The Invention of the Classical Style in Sculpture
Adornato, Gianfranco

Pages 296-327

12. The Gold and Ivory Cult Statues of Pheidias in Athens and Olympia
Palagia, Olga

Pages 328-359

13. The Great Masters of the Fourth Century
Leventi, Iphigeneia

Pages 360-394

14. The Hellenistic Styles in Greek Sculpture
Meyer, Marion

Pages 395-426

Part V: Regional Sculptures
15. Prolegomena to the Study of Sculpture in Sicily in the Archaic and Classical Periods
Marconi, Clemente

Pages 429-472

16. The Sculpture of Melos
Konstantinidis, Panagiotis

Pages 473-502

17. The Sculpture of Macedonia
Damaskos, Dimitris

Pages 503-535

18. The Sculpture of Messene
Themelis, Petros

Pages 536-576

Part VI: Greek Sculpture under the Romans
19. Greek Sculptors in Rome: An Art for the Romans
La Rocca, Eugenio

Pages 579-619

20. Copies of Greek Statuary from Greece in the Roman Imperial Period
Katakis, Stylianos E.

Pages 620-654

Part VII: Techniques
21. Piecing, Attachments, Repairs
Jacob, Raphaël

Pages 657-689

22. Polychromy in Greek Sculpture
Katsaros, Thomas / Vasiliadis, Constantinos

Pages 690-724

Part VIII: Afterlife
23. The Legacy of Greek Sculpture
Squire, Michael

Pages 727-767

Pages 768-769

Index of Museums
Pages 770-786

Index of Artists
Pages 787-790

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Ancient Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Volume 1: Handbook of Greek Sculpture

by: Palagia, O.

  • ISBN-13: 9781614515401 / 978-1-61451-540-1
  • ISBN-03: 1614515409 / 1-61451-540-9
  • Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 2019

Price: 243,75 EURO

1 copy in stock