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Stadte und Stadtstaaten Zwischen Mythos, Literatur und Propaganda / Cities and City-states among Myth, Literature and Propaganda

by: Cecconi, P. Tornau, Chr.

Category: Beitrage zur Altertumskunde / BZA / ISSN 1616-0452
Code: 26387
ISBN-13: 9783110656763 / 978-3-11-065676-3
ISBN-10: 3110656760 / 3-11-065676-0
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date: 2020
Publication Place: Berlin
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 347
Book Condition: New
Comments: Beitrage zur Altertumskunde 383 / BZA 383

Pages: I–IV

Pages: V–VI

Einleitung: Städte und Stadtstaaten zwischen Mythos, Literatur und Propaganda
Paolo Cecconi and Christian Tornau
Pages: 1–10
Καδμεία νίκη: Politicising the ?Seven against Thebes? in the 5th century B.C.
Angela Ganter
Pages: 11–28

How do polities define themselves by relying on their mythical past? And how do they shape their identity by establishing a border between th ... 

Athen, Athena und die Athener. Identifikationsfigur(en) und Narrative
Marion Meyer
Pages: 29–74

The Athenians? perception of their main goddess is indicative for their self-perception, their interests, hopes and expectations. It chan ... Show More

Von Argos nach Athen: Von Manipulation zu Polis-Rhetorik zwischen Aischylos? Agamemnon und Eumeniden
Vanessa Zetzmann
Pages: 75–106

This paper explores how the portrayal of Argos and Athens in Aeschylus? Oresteia is closely linked with and reinforced by differing conce ... Show More

„Wer baute das siebentorige Theben?“ Breve riflessione sulle origini della colpa e della catastrofe
Paolo Cecconi
Pages: 107–138

Thebes? historical myths tell of its foundation in Boeotia by some immigrants from the East lead by a certain Cadmus, who mixed themselve ... Show More

Σοφίσματα θεῶν. Götterdämmerung, Kontingenzerfahrung und Kulturpessimismus in Euripides? „Phönikierinnen“
Johannes Buhl
Pages: 139–162

Euripides? play Phoenissae describes Thebes in a perilous crisis. In the present article, I analyse how the characters of the play reac ... Show More

La metamorfosi di Cadmo nelle Baccanti di Euripide e il punto di vista ateniese
Maria Paola Castiglioni
Pages: 163–180

According to the final verses of Euripides? Bacchae (1330-1339 and 1352-1362), which was presented in Athens in 405 BC, Cadmus, the founde ... Show More

Phaedra between Homer and Sophocles: the Stesichorean connexion
P. J. Finglass
Pages: 181–190

This chapter gathers all the evidence for Phaedra from between the Odyssey and Sophocles, evidence largely neglected in modern scholarship. I 

Plebs Argiva – Thebana iuventus – verendi Cecropidae. Die „kleinen Leute“ in Statius? Thebais
Jochen Schultheiß
Pages: 191–222

In Statiusʼ Thebaid, Argos, Thebes, and Athens figure as symbolic places. While Argos represents the reign of a good-natured, patriarchal ki 

Triptolemos und Europa in Tarraco. Stadtdarstellung, Politik und mythische Züge in Florus? Vergilius: orator an poeta?
Stefano Rocchi
Pages: 223–248
Der ‚Mythos Athen? im literarischen Diskursfeld fiktionaler Erzählprosa der Kaiserzeit. Lukian, Chariton und Heliodor
Markus Hafner
Pages: 249–268

As recent excavations of auditoria at Rome suggest, which lie adjacent to the Forum Traiani and which were originally designed for the per 

Da indovino tebano a profeta universale. Alcune metamorfosi di Tiresia in età tardoantica
Chiara Ombretta Tommasi
Pages: 269–292

The present article deals with some late antique or early medieval interpretations of the figure of Tiresias, the Theban seer around whom ... 

Ethopoiie, Struktur und Mythopoiie in den profanen Epyllien des Nordafrikaners Dracontius
Thomas Gärtner
Pages: 293–336

The present paper inquires into the three profane epyllia Raptus Helenae (Romul. 8), Medea (Romul. 10) and Orestes by the late antique N ...

Die Autorinnen und Autoren
Pages: 337–338
Index auctorum et operum
Pages: 339–344
Index nominum et rerum
Pages: 345–348

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Stadte und Stadtstaaten Zwischen Mythos, Literatur und Propaganda / Cities and City-states among Myth, Literature and Propaganda

by: Cecconi, P. Tornau, Chr.

  • ISBN-13: 9783110656763 / 978-3-11-065676-3
  • ISBN-03: 3110656760 / 3-11-065676-0
  • Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 2020