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ΤΑΚΤΙΚΟΝ:ΜΕΛΕΤΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΗ ΤΩΝ ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΝΩΝ ΘΕΜΑΤΩΝ / TAKTIKON: Studies on the Prosopography and Administration of the Byzantine themata

by: ΚΑΡΑΓΙΩΡΓΟΥ, Ο. ΜΑΛΑΤΡΑΣ, Χ. ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΑΚΗΣ, Π. / Karagiorgou, O. Charalampakis, P. Malatras, C.

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Category: Byzantium History
Code: 28044
ISBN-13: 9789604043927 / 978-960-404-392-7
ISBN-10: 9604043927 / 960-404-392-7
Publisher: ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ / Academy of Athens
Publication Date: 2021
Publication Place: ΑΘΗΝΑ / Athens
Binding: Cloth
Pages: 900
Book Condition: New

TAKTIKON: Studies on the Prosopography and Administration of the Byzantine themata,
eds. Olga Karagiorgou, Pantelis Charalampakis, Christos Malatras, Academy of Athens:
Research Centre for Byzantine and Post-byzantine Art 2021 (900 p., ISBN: 978-960-404-392-7)

This volume presents the first results of the TAKTIKON Research Project on the administration and prosopography of the
Byzantine themata, which is being realised at the Academy of Athens by Olga Karagiorgou (Principal Investigator), Christos
Malatras and Pantelis Charalampakis, as well as the communications delivered during a One-day International Workshop
organised in the framework of the same project

The introductory chapter (Part I) describes the aims and the methodological principles of the TAKTIKON Research Project,
addresses some key questions concerning the institution of the Byzantine themata in relation to the results presented in
the volume, and offers a description of the TAKTIKON online database (O. Karagiorgou). Part II includes a paper on the use
of the terms “Eoa, Anatole, Anatolikoi” in the Byzantine literary tradition (A. Kontogiannopoulou), as well as detailed
studies on the strategoi of Hellas (O. Karagiorgou), and the prosopography and administrative structure of Opsikion (C.
Malatras), the Anatolikoi (C. Malatras), and the Kibyrraiotai (P. Charalampakis), based on the evidence provided by
sigillographic and non-sigillographic sources. The studies on Hellas and the three Asia Minor themata are accompanied by
appendices presenting for the first time detailed chronological lists of thematic officials, as well as complete records of a
total of 1110 relevant thematic molybdoboulla. These were put together by the research team during the personal
inspection of sigillographic collections and/or the meticulous study of relevant publications. More than 80 (published and
unpublished) state and private sigillographic collections in 17 countries, as well as the (printed and online) sale catalogues
of more than 40 auction houses have been studied, so far, for the purposes of the TAKTIKON Research Project.

Parts III and IV of the volume present papers by the participants of the One-day International Workshop at the Academy of Athens: N. Alekseienko (Correspondents of Byzantine
Cherson), O. Alf?orov (Seals of Eustratios Chrysoberges), V. Bulgurlu (Seals from the Museum of Miletos), J.-C. Cheynet (Sceaux parisiens; Sceaux dans la collection Savvas
Kofopoulos, Lesbos), N. Elam (Seals from eleven museums in Turkey), E. Güzel Erdoğan and V. Prigent (Sceaux au musée d?Adana), E. Stepanova (Seals from the Hermitage), I.
Jordanov (Byzantine Eastern armies in the Balkans), T. Kourempanas (Σφραγίδες με απεικονίσεις αετών), V. Stepanenko (The family of Artzruni) and Z. Zhekova (Thematic seals
from Bulgaria). The authors discuss more than 230 Byzantine lead seals (in their overwhelming majority previously unpublished), kept in private and state collections in
Bulgaria, France, Greece, Russia, and the Ukraine, which are relevant to the administration and the prosopography of Byzantine Asia Minor.

The publication of the TAKTIKON volume was kindly supported by the Foundation Janet Zacos for the Study of Byzantium (Geneva), the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the Capuano Insurance Brokers S.A., Eurolife FFH and Generali Hellas.


Eισαγωγή - Preface 7
Olga Karagiorgou
Instigator of the TAKTIKON Research Project
Πρόλογος - Foreword 11
Mauricio Capuano Maissa
President, Fondation «Janet Zacos pour l?étude Byzantine», Genève
Acknowledgements 15
Bibliography 21
General Abbreviations 59
I. TAKTIKON: a new manual for the “atriklines
of Byzantine History”
Olga Karagiorgou 63
Yet another TAKTIKON

II. The thematic administration on the evidence
of sigillographic and other sources: some case studies
Olga Karagiorgou 113
Tὴν τῆς Ἑλλάδος ἀρχὴν πιστευθείς…: the corpus of the strategoi of Hellas
on the evidence of sigillographic and non-sigillographic sources
Christos Malatras 277
The thema of the Anatolikoi: prosopography and administrative structure
Anastasia Kontogiannopoulou 403
Eōa/Anatolē, Anatolikoi: notional approach of the terms through
Byzantine literary sources
Christos Malatras 411
At the service of the imperial Opsikion: the corpus of the officials
Pantelis Charalampakis 515
Towards a new prosopographic corpus of the Kibyrraiotai:
sources, methods, benefits
III. Unpublished molybdoboulla relevant to the administration
of Byzantine Asia Minor
Nikolaj Alekseienko 605
Correspondents of Byzantine Cherson: new sigillographic evidence
Oleksandr Alf?orov 612
Lead seals of Eustratios Chrysoberges from the territory of the Rus'
Vera Bulgurlu 618
A selection of unpublished lead seals from the Museum
of Milet/Miletos, Turkey
Jean-Claude Cheynet 637
Sceaux parisiens inédits des thèmes des Anatoliques,
de l?Opsikion et des Cibyrrhéotes
Jean-Claude Cheynet 677
Sceaux des thèmes des Anatoliques, de l?Opsikion et des Cibyrrhéotes
dans la collection Savvas Kofopoulos (Lesbos)
Nilgün Elam 716
Thematic molybdoboulla from the collections of eleven archaeological
museums in Turkey

Esra Güzel Erdoğan et Vivien Prigent 747
Sceaux d?officiers de l?armée provinciale conservés au musée
archéologique d?Adana
Elena Stepanova 759
Seals of the theme of the Kibyrraiotai from the Hermitage Museum collection
IV. Interpretations of the sigillographic material
Ivan Jordanov () 777
Byzantine Eastern Armies in the Balkans (971-1091):
the contribution of sigillography
Theodoros Kourempanas 791
Σφραγίδες αξιωματούχων από τη Μικρά Ασία με απεικονίσεις αετών
Valerij Stepanenko 799
Provincial governors and magnates in Asia Minor.
The family of Artzruni (1020s-1070s)
Zhenya Zhekova 804
Seals of thematic officials from Bulgaria (9th-11th centuries).
The identity of the correspondents

Summaries of the papers in Greek 821
Summaries of the papers in English 830
Contributors 839
Master Catalogue of the thematic molybdoboulla of Hellas, 847
Opsikion, the Anatolikoi and the Kibyrraiotai (1110 specimens)
recorded in the TAKTIKON (2021) according to Present location
Catalogue of molybdoboulla discussed in this volume 875
(other than the thematic ones included in the Master Catalogue)
Index of Proper Names 889
Index of Place Names and Administrative Areas 897

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ΤΑΚΤΙΚΟΝ:ΜΕΛΕΤΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΟΙΚΗΣΗ ΤΩΝ ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΝΩΝ ΘΕΜΑΤΩΝ / TAKTIKON: Studies on the Prosopography and Administration of the Byzantine themata

by: ΚΑΡΑΓΙΩΡΓΟΥ, Ο. ΜΑΛΑΤΡΑΣ, Χ. ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΑΚΗΣ, Π. / Karagiorgou, O. Charalampakis, P. Malatras, C.

  • ISBN-13: 9789604043927 / 978-960-404-392-7
  • ISBN-03: 9604043927 / 960-404-392-7
  • ΑΚΑΔΗΜΙΑ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ / Academy of Athens, ΑΘΗΝΑ / Athens, 2021

Price: 72,00 EURO

1 copy in stock