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  Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition / ISSN 0166-1302

Egyptianizing Figurines from Delos: A Study in Hellenistic Religion

by: Barrett, C.E.


Hellenistic Painting Techniques : The Evidence of the Delos Fragments

by: Bruno, V.J.

Price: 86 €

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Plato and Greek painting

by: Keuls, E.C.

Price: 68 €

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Ancient Alexandria between Egypt and Greece

by: Harris, W.V. & Ruffini, G.

Price: 119 €

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The Marriage of Roman Soldiers, (13 B.C.-A.D. 235): Law and Family in the Imperial Army

by: Phang, S.E.

Price: 159 €

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The Traditional Phrase in Homer: Two Studies in Form, Meaning and Interpretation

by: Sacks, R.

Price: 136 €

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Plato in the Italian Renaissance: Volumes I & II

by: Hankins, J.


Money in the Late Roman Republic

by: Hollander, D.B.


Ancient Sculptural Copies in Miniature

by: Bartman, E.

Price: 154 €

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Kings and Colonists: Aspects of Macedonian Imperialism

by: Billows, R.A.

Price: 167 €

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