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Neokoroi: Greek Cities and Roman Emperors

by: Burrell, B.

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Lectures in Memory of Louise Taft Semple. Second Series, 1966-1971

by: Sjoqvist, E. & Mitchel, F.W. & McGregor, M.F. & Vanderpool, E. & Grube, G.M.A. & Badian, E. & Downey, G. & Havelock, E.A.

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Lectures in Memory of Louise Taft Semple. First Series, 1961-1965

by: Blegen, C.W. & Ashmole, B. & de Santillana, G. & Guthrie, W.K.C. & Meritt, B.D. & Rowell, H.T. & Jenkins, R. & Else, G.F.

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The End of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean

by: Cadogan, G.

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Greek Art: Archaic into Classical: Archaic into Classical: A Symposium Held at the University of Cincinnati April 2-3, 1982

by: Boulter, C.G.

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Tradition and Dramatic Form in the Persians of Aeschylus

by: Michelini, A.N.

Price: 64 €

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