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Cyriacus of Ancona and Athens

by: Bodnar, E.W.


Great and Small Poleis: A Study in the Relations between the Great Powers and the Small Cities in Ancient Greece

by: Amit M.

Price: 48 €

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Syracuse: Histoire culturelle d'une cite grecque

by: Loicq-Berger M.-P.

Price: 69 €

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Rome and the Seleukid East: Selected Papers from Seleukid Study Day V, Brussels, 21-23 August 2015

by: Coskun A. & Engels D.


Patterns in Office-Holding 366-49 B.C.

by: Develin, R.

Price: 28 €

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Hommages a Marie Delcourt


Price: 59 €

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La vision de Patmos

by: Herrmann, L.


La Nike de Paeonios de Mende et le triangle sacre des monuments figures

by: Deonna, W.

Price: 39 €

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Les natures mortes campaniennes: Repertoire descriptif des peintures de nature morte du Musee National de Naples, de Pompei, Herculanum et Stabies

by: Croisille, J.-M.

Price: 54.58 €

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La peinture pompeienne: Essai sur l'evolution de la signification

by: Schefold, K.

Price: 48.13 €

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