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  The British Museum Exhibition Catalogues and Collections

Jewellery from classical lands

by: Higgins, R.

Price: 14.09 €

(in stock)

Money : a history

by: Williams, J.


Hadrian : empire and conflict

by: Opper, Th.


Cyprus BC : 7000 years of history. an exhibition of ancient Cypriote treasures kept in the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia…

by: Tatton-Brown, V. & Karageorghis, V. & Peltenburg, E.J. & Swiny, S.

Price: 36.98 €

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The British Museum and its collections


Price: 35 €

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Early Medieval Art, with illustrations from the British Museum and British Library collections

by: Kitzinger, E.

Price: 26.12 €

(in stock)

Cycladic Art

by: Fitton, J.L.


Gods and Heroes of the European Bronze Age

by: Demakopoulou, K. & Eluere, Chr. & Jensen, J. & Jockenhovel, A. & Mohen, J.-P.

Price: 95.67 €

only one left

The Collection of Ancient Greek Inscriptions in the British Museum: Part I: Attika, Part II, Part III: Priene, Iasos and Ephesos, Part IV: Knidos, Halikarnasos and Branchiade, Supplementary and Miscellaneous Inscriptions

by: Newton, C.T. & Hicks, E.L. & Hirschfeld, G. & Marshall, F.H.

Price: 395 €

only one left

Glas der Caesaren

by: Harden, D.B. & Hellenkemper, H. & Painter, K. & Whitehouse, D.

Price: 79 €

only one left

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