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Boeotia Project, Volume II: The City of Thespiai: Survey at a Complex Urban Site

by: Bintliff, J. & Farinetti, E. & Slapsak, B. & Snodgrass, A.

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Klithi : Palaeolithic settlement and Quaternary landscapes in northwest Greece. Vol. 1: Excavations and intra-site analysis at Klithi. Vol. 2: Klithi in its local and regional setting

by: Bailey, G.

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Ορίζων / Horizon: A Colloquium on the Prehistory of the Cyclades

by: Brodie, N. & Doole, J. & Gavalas, G. & Renfrew, C.


Invention and Innovation: The Social Context of Technological Change 2. Egypt, The Aegean And the Near East, 1650-1150 BC. Proceedings of a Conference held at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge, 4-6 September 2002

by: Bourriau, J. & Phillips, J.

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Prehistoric Steppe Adaptation and the Horse

by: Levine, M. & Renfrew, C. & Boyle, K.

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Testing the hinterland: The work of the Boeotia Survey (1989-1991) in the southern approaches to the city of Thespiai

by: Bintliff, J. & Howard, Ph. & Snodgrass, A.

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Keros, Dhaskalio Kavos: The Investigations of 1987-88 / ΚΕΡΟΣ, ΚΑΒΟΣ ΔΑΣΚΑΛΙΟΥ

by: Renfrew, C. & Doumas, Chr.G. & Marangou, L. & Gavalas, G.

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Mediterranean prehistoric heritage. Training, education and management

by: Hodder, I. & Doughty, L.