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Archaeologia Transatlantica XXI: The Sanctuary of Apollo Hypokraios and Imperial Athens

by: Nulton, P.E.

Price: 38 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica XVIII: Miscellanea Mediterranea

by: Holloway, R.R.

Price: 33 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica IX: L'Egee et la Mediterranee Orientale a la fin du IIe Millenaire. Temoignages archeologiques et sources ecrites

by: Vanschoonwinkel, J

Price: 113.28 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica II: Crossroads of the Mediterranean. Papers delivered at the International Conference held at Brown University, 1981

by: Hackens, T. & Holloway, N.D. & Holloway, R.R.

Price: 79 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica I: Italy and the Aegean 3000-700 B.C.

by: Holloway, R.R.

Price: 39 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica X: The Greek Geometric Warrior Figurine. Interpretation and Origin

by: Byrne, M.

Price: 89 €

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Giornata Lincea dedicata ai Cento Anni di Attivita Archeologica Italiana in creta (roma, 15 Gennaio 1985)


Price: 15 €

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Archaeologia Transatlantica IV: Les Statuettes Anthropomorphes Cretoises en Bronze et en Plomb, du III millenaire au VII siecle av. J.-C.

by: Verlinden, C.

Price: 165 €

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Prehistoric Aphrodisias: An Account of the Excavations and Arifact Studies. Volume I: Excavations and Studies. Volume II: Bibliography, Catalogue, Appendix, Index

by: Joukowsky, M.Sh.

Price: 355 €

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Les Piliers Funeraires de Lycie

by: Deltour-Levie, C.

Price: 54 €

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